RF test box for over-the-air (OTA) measurements

With our Partner Company, a well-known German testing and development service provider, Albatross Projects has designed and supplied an RF test environment for a wide range of Over-the-Air test scenarios. The desktop Multi-Tool Shielded Test System, STS-75, consists of our shielded and absorber-lined test box with several functional tools provided by our partner. There are various possible test applications including:

  • RF transmitter and receiver, power, sensitivity, battery life time
  • temperature surface, data throughput, acoustic, current consumption
  • Bluetooth


Due to its compact size the RF shielded box can be placed in almost any R&D laboratory environment. The Multi-Tool has been designed especially for developers who are in need of an ‘easy to handle’ and reliable system that can be adapted effortlessly to serve a large variety of test purposes. The Multi-Tool is equipped with a well designed and sophisticated multi band antenna system giving easily repeatable and reproducible Over-the-Air device verification tests; to a high accuracy level.


Technical data

  • high absorber performance, 8inch resistive foam pyramids or ferrites
  • metal box: 2mm hot galvanized steel
  • size: approx. 75cm cube, 73 x 80 x 86cm incl. handle and tube access
  • weight: approx. 60kg
  • shielding: >80dB between 600MHz and 6GHz
  • access: 4 x RF N-feed-through and 1 tube with 2.5cm diameter
  • door: 52cm clearance



The RF shielded box is capable of being furnished with different EUT holders and can be lined with resistive foam RF absorbers or ferrite absorbers, this being dependent on the requirements of the addressed frequency range.

The multi band antennas cover the frequency ranges of the most common wireless standards and there is a reliable connection between the customer’s communication testers and the device under test. The implemented test software is able to work with the most common communication testers available on the market, such as, Agilent or R&S.

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