7 layers AG

Anechoic Chamber for over-the-air (OTA) testing

A notable test house in Germany, 7 layers AG operates an officially listed CTIA Over the Air (OTA) Laboratory designed and installed by Albatross Projects GmbH; performance tests include for GSM and UMTS FDD tests according to CTIA requirements. The test facility is a fully anechoic absorber chamber with a positioning system; this enables accurate, repeatable and uniform testing of receivers, antennas and mobile stations.


Technical data
Dimensions: 6.70m x 3.40m x 3.00m (L x W x H)


Radiated Measurements

  • measurement distance: 2.05m
  • frequency range: 400MHz to 18GHz
  • expanded uncertainty: <1.5dB for Radiated Power Tests (CTIA requirement <2.0dB) & <1.8dB
  • for Radiated Sensitivity Tests (CTIA requirement <2.2dB)
  • ripple test maximum combined uncertainty: 0.25dB at 836.5MHz & 0.445dB at 1880.0MHz


The most important elements of the laboratory are the fully anechoic room and the EUT positioner. The chamber lining is with 18 inch resistive high performance RF absorbers and these, in conjunction with he low reflectivity of the APHP I 10kg positioner, are the major contributors to the outstanding performance of this OTA test facility. The APHP I, is a multi-function design that can adapt to a single mobile phone, the ‘phantom head’ as well as laptop computers with data cards or embedded modules.

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