UNI Napoli Parthenope

Anechoic Chamber for multipurpose antenna measurements

This antenna measurement chamber is without a metal shielding but constructed with wooden walls and ceiling. It is located at the Università Parthenope Naples, Italy and designed for R&D and education purposes; antenna pattern characteristics and parameters in the GHz range can be determined.


Technical Data

Dimensions: 8,1m x 3,3m x 3.2m (L x W x H)


Antenna Measurements

  • quiet zone: sphere with 0,6m diameter
  • test distance: 5,5m
  • free space VSWR: typically -35dB above 2 GHz



Because of the high working frequencies, usually, where no major influences and disturbances from other outside RF signals are experienced, the metal shielding has been omitted; instead a wooden architecture has been designed by Albatross Projects for the chamber. By opening a window on a short wall, the measurement distance can be increased beyond the inner dimensions of the antenna measurement room; a valuable feature for testing antenna under Far Field conditions. To avoid to much of walkway absorbers on the floor, two doors have been provided, which allows direct access to the EUT as well as to the antenna position.

The RF absorber types chosen for lining the ceiling, walls and floor give reflectivity values of typically -60 dB at 2 GHz; this provides sufficient decoupling of the absorbers from the chamber and thus a basic shielding effectiveness (attenuation) is established from outside interferences. The customer specified that the design of the chamber should enable the facility to be relocated at some time in the future. Accordingly, Albatross Projects made the wooden structure modular with the RF absorber installation being installed with a ‘quick & clean’ and low cost solution.

For the chamber to be dismantled and relocated without degradation of its performance, Albatross Projects has provided a comprehensive documentation and drawing package; this requirement now being possible with only the minimum of professional help and the Universities own personnel.

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