The positioning system is an important part of an EMC Test Site compliant to the Standards; keeping in mind that the target of such an EMC Test Site is to create an environment not only for accurate, but repeatable and reproducible measurements as well, it’s evident that traceable and comparable results are closely linked to a defined test set-up and an automatic test procedure. This aim is what a positioning system stands for; beside speed and accuracy in the operation, a low RF-noise level or influence in any measurement condition is a peculiar attribute of a high performance positioning system.
There are a considerably high number of products available; however, the solution & components shown below is the most commonly used by Albatross Projects. For further information please use our multipurpose contact form.


In a continuous and close contact with its partners, Albatross Projects GmbH is devoted to control and reduce the RF-noise level or influence of its solutions, no matter which measurement condition (e.g. peak or quasi-peak) his customer uses during the automation of the testing purposes.

The below sketch shows a typical positioning system layout, including:

  • Controller
  • Antenna Mast
  • Turntable
  • EUT table


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