The receptacles described in this chapter are power terminal sockets for AC and DC. The terminals for RF and signal lines are described in a separate chapter.


The solution and components shown below is the most commonly used by Albatross Projects. For further information please use our multipurpose contact form.

Receptacle types:

  • AC Socket – Single Phase
    16A, SCHUKO Type, with neutral and protection ground, 230V AC
  • AC Socket – Three Phase
    16A, CEE Type, with neutral and protection ground, 400V AC
  • AC Socket – Three Phase
    32A, CEE Type, with neutral and protection ground, 400V AC
  • DC Terminals
    Type and size according Ampere rating

Additional receptacles can be installed according to the national Standards and customer's requirements.


for walls

One of the top priorities for the location engineering is the ability for later modification. Due to this general design concept, most of the locations enable the later installation of additional cabling and sockets. The wall cable duct is applied for cabling and socket installation along the walls. The duct ideally fulfils two functions in one: The cable housing and the receptacle housing. The wall cable duct is typically used for amplifier rooms, control rooms, shielded rooms, Jacky rooms.

for chamber floor

The ground plane CP (connection point) is applied for modular raised floor with ground plane. The CP is a metal box which can house both the receptacles and the connectors. The cover plate is made of a solid galvanized steel plate with openings for the cabling. Receptacles can be implemented at the box bottom and the two side plates. For easier working on the plates, they can be easily dismantled.

for standard floor

The standard floor CP is applied for modular raised floors with ready furnished surface (non-ground plane). It is typically used for control rooms. The CP body and cover plate is a plastic-metal compound, which is designed for best outlook and stability.



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