Let there be light

The theme of light is just in the medical sector on the rise. Especially with panic or pain patients can be due to the effect of light to achieve positive results. This feature also uses Albatross Projects: As a builder you select from a variety of different types of light.

In the 1980’s the MRI systems where still in their infancy and lighting was simply by conventional light bulbs; by the new millennium lighting was generally with halogen down-lighters. In more recent times the topic of lighting in the medical sector is becoming increasingly important; many studies proving that a ‘cold’ light or ‘hot’ light influences the patient’s feelings and emotions which can be especially profound for children or patients with claustrophobia.


This research has contributed significantly to the RF room lighting installed today. The choice of classic down-lights or a mix of down-lights and up-lights or the use of computer driven LED lighting, all are in the perspective of the individual. Whichever lighting system is chosen it is only limited by the selection of non-magnetic components in its design. For more information about the many possibilities that LED systems offer, this can be found under the topic ‘LED Lighting’.

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