Custom-made RF Doors


Access to the RF room is via an RF shielded door. These RF doors are available in a number of different designs ranging from our standard shielded door with simple mechanical operation, through to automatic sliding doors and specially designed glass RF doors.


Our standard doors have clear opening dimensions of 1.200mm wide x 2.100mm high with sound insulation materials built in; this giving an acoustic attenuation greater than 44dB. The RF doors have a special lock fitted with a built in safety function that ensure in an emergency, or the lock itself becoming damaged, the door can always be opened from the inside.


In order for the RF door to achieve the highest RF-attenuation performance, the door leaf and frame are produced as a ‘match pair’ in the factory. This manufacturing approach, coupled with very high quality contact material of metallic fabric with a foam insert, forms the door RF seal with a shielding effectives in excess of 100dB being achieved.

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