Innovative windows for RF Rooms


In order to monitor the patient during a scan an RF-tight observation window is incorporated into the RF room. The flexibility of our modular system enables this RF window to be integrated into any of the wall modules; its eventual location being dependent on the final design of the MRI-facility. Additionally, these RF windows can also be used to allow daylight into the RF room.


The sizes of the RF windows available range from our standard 1.200mm x 800mm to large windows up to 2.000mm x 2.000mm. All of these RF windows are constructed as a ‘one piece’ module utilizing high quality toughened safety glass. With the incorporation of several layers of a special fabric between the glass panes this necessary RF attenuation is achieved. To avoid the ‘Moiré effect’ (image distortion) the fabric layers are placed at an angle to each other; this also allows the observation of the patient even when view from an oblique angle.

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