RF shielded operating rooms from Albatross Projects

Through the development of new and complex computer assisted systems, surgeries are possible now which were unthinkable only a few years ago. The combination of MRI diagnostics, intra operative 3D imaging and neurosurgical navigation systems, similar to GPS, considerably increase the precision of surgical interventions. The MRI-System is integrated into the Operating Room (OR) near the operating table; in a few minutes a 2D tomogram of the MRI-System is converted into a 3D scan and then through the neurosurgical navigation system, thus providing the surgeon the highest precision during the operating intercession. The assimilation of diagnosis methods with new types of operating tables, neurosurgical navigation systems and surgical microscopes, have lead to a significant increase of operation types and success rates for seriously ill patients.


The integration of the MRI-System, the ceiling suspended surgical microscope, neurosurgical navigation system and other equipment into an RF-shielded OR is a considerable technical challenge; we must address static, climatic, EMC, sound, hygienic and other specifications and standards. Because of its complexity and degree, each project is unique and requires a project completion time that can be up to five times that of a standard RF room. The Albatross Projects self-standing modular shielding is designed to support all the equipments and fixtures and this, with a flat threshold fully automatic sliding door, are just some of the elements we contribute to this multifaceted requirement.


Albatross Projects GmbH is proud to be the preferred supplier of the RF room for the world leader in Neurosurgical OR Solutions, e.g. BrainLAB (BrainSUITE) and IMRIS (IMRISneuro, IMRISnv etc.)

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