New building redundant: RF rooms upgrade and rebuild

The ever increasing pace of technology development of MRI-Systems is shortening the time interval when the MRI may need replacing. So that the replacement of the MRI-System will not automatically lead to a new shielded enclosure, it is important that the design of the shielding should be flexible and spare parts readily available. To retain or prolong the Albatross Projects warranty, we recommend that any modifications to the enclosure are carried out by us. However, where these works are carried out by others, then Albatross Projects can supply all the necessary spare parts.

Spare parts list

  • Honeycomb grids in varying sizes for air conditioning of RF room (HVAC)
  • Tube penetrations in different sizes for medical gases, fiber optics, quench pipes
  • Special medical gas penetrations
  • Inside/outside roof beams for self standing erection of the RF room
  • Emergency hatch, used where there is an inward opening door and a helium/quench pipe system
  • Different types of data filters for power supply/ data connections/ phone connections
  • Contact springs/ special contact material for the modifications/ enlargements of the RF room
  • Door contact material for the annual door maintenance
  • Blind plates to cover existing openings after a replacement of an MRI-System or after relocation of the RF room
  • Compensators,  pressure compensation for the quench pipe
  • System filter connection box

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