Only the RF door needs to be serviced

As one of the world wide largest supplier of MRI-Shielding-Systems, it was major target for us to develop low maintenance RF rooms. With careful design, Albatross Projects has limited the maintenance of the enclosure to only the RF doors; this reduces to the absolute minimum, system downtime and associated costs to our customers.Through extensive measurements in our laboratory, we have ascertained that the HF contact materials show the first traces of abrasion after 12 months, with possible degradation to the scanner images; we therefore recommend exchanging the door contact material (HF seals) on an annual basis. Once the HF contact materials have been replaced, a shielding effectiveness test must be performed to ensure compliance to the enclosures original specification. The door servicing can be carried out by competent persons from the Albatross Projects installation team, their approved partners or the customers own personnel. It is however recommended that where customers wish to use their own personnel, they firstly receive full maintenance training from Albatross Projects. To avoid unnecessary interruptions of the MRI system, we recommend that door maintenance is carried out during the routine MRI-System maintenance.


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