Tailored quench pipe for all RF rooms

The development of MRI-Systems with steadily increasing field strengths has changed the way the magnetic fields are generated. For MRI systems above 1,0T, the generation of the homogeneous magnetic field is achieved using a superconductive magnet equipped with a special current line. In order for the current line to minimize its electrical resistance, it is cooled down to superconductive temperatures, i.e. –269°C, allowing current to flow into the system and generate the homogeneous magnetic field. To reach this very low temperature, Helium cryogen gases are used. Should the temperature of the Helium gas rise quickly, the superconductivity is lost and the Helium gas must be exhausted through a ‘Quench’ pipe to the outside of the building; this is mandatory requirement for each superconductive magnet.


The quench pipes can vary in length from 2 meters to more than 30 meters; the pipe material and its diameter pipe is dependent on the MRI-System manufacturer and on the length of the pipe. The pipe may also require an exhaust box at its output end; there are several shapes available, i.e. vertical, horizontal or horn which can be selected for use depending on its location and other requirements. Albatross projects works closely with all MRI System suppliers and we are consequently updated on their latest MRI developments; consequently, we recommend that to ensure all individual parts fit together properly on site, the quench pipe solution is delivered and installed by Albatross Projects as part of the RF room supply.

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