Integrated concepts for the interior lining of RF rooms

The internal design of the RF room should contribute to creating a relaxing environment. To cover this very important aspect and as the systems supplier, Albatross Projects works in cooperation with leading interior designers to produce an exclusive design to give optimum patient comfort. From our extensive product range there are many solutions and options, the selection being almost unlimited.


When entering an RF room it is likely that its internal decoration will give the first impression to a patient, of a relaxing and comforting environment; this therefore is a vitally impotent consideration of the facility design. The suspended ceiling system in the RF room can be individually adapted to the particular design of the customer or the architect. To avoid inaccuracies in the diagnostic examination results it is essential the ceiling design will only use non-magnetic materials. For this reason, the suspended ceiling is installed using aluminum, or other nonmagnetic material, ‘T’ bar grid system with ceiling tiles fitted into it. Sound absorption can be enhanced with the careful selection of the tile type as well as mineral wool lagging above the ceiling tile. Such lagging is often contained in fire retardant packaging the same size as the tile; this allows easy access to the ceiling void space for inspection and maintenance.


Albatross Projects works closely with our customers to achieve the wall finishes to fully meet expectations. This is achieved by a wide variety of finishes ranging from painted walls from a careful selection of colors, to classic designs using wood paneling, plasterboard with glass fiber tapestry and painting to melamine coated chipboard in a variety of colors. There are also high-quality contemporary designs available such as glass walls with a LOGO imbedded or glass walls which are backlit.


A particular highlight in the Albatross Projects product range is the interior lining of the operating room where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance. For these applications, Albatross Projects work in co-operation with long established partners who specialize in operating theater materials such as stainless steel, glass or Trespa TM plates.


Albatross Projects offers a wide range of different products and color variations for the flooring material. In facilities where medical gases are in use within the RF room, it is essential that the floor covering is created by using only conductive materials with a resistance specification not less than RA ≤ 105 Ω.

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