Customized RF Rooms


The RF room´s from Albatross Projects have been designed to shield possible RF interference generated by the MRI Scanners from all manufacturers of MRI scanner systems. The RF room is constructed from aluminum or steel panels (modules) which allow the installation to adapt it to any size room within the host building. Our modular construction system enables the MRI-System to be easily removed and replaced and if required in the future, the RF room can be extended or moved to a new location at a comparatively low cost.


The construction of the RF room is self-supporting, i.e. it does not need additional fixation to the host building. The Albatross Projects shielding are formed from either magnetic steel or non-magnetic aluminum modules; the type selected for installation is wholly dependent on the type of MRI Scanner to be installed.

made of steel

The modules made of magnetic steel are mainly used in so-called ‘Open’ MRI-Systems which operate on the basis of a permanent magnet. However, in certain exceptional cases the use of magnetic steel is also used for the enclosures of a superconductive MRI-System.


Depending on the size of the RF room two different thicknesses of steel are used 2mm and 1.5mm. For modules made from folded sheet steel, these are prefabricated in the factory to a consistently high quality, each module having a very high dimensional accuracy with tight tolerances. This is essential to meet the future specifications for the shielding effectiveness that will be required by manufacturers of MRI-Systems.


The modules are screwed together with a special contact material inserted between all the mating surfaces; this forms a 100% homogeneous RF seal. All other components fitted to the shielding, such as, honeycomb vents for connection the air conditioning system, medical gas tube penetrations, quench pipe and RF window will also use this special contact material to maintain the shielding integrity.

made of aluminium

The modules made of non-magnetic aluminum are primarily used for superconductive MRI-Systems and are produced in the factory to high dimensional accuracy and low tolerances. Special contact springs are inserted between the mating surfaces, which when compressed by the fixing screws, form the RF seal. As with the steel modules, the contact springs also are used to maintain the shielding integrity of other component parts to the shielding.

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