Design of glass door for RF room

As with most aspects of our competitive world, so too medical centers compete to attract custom (patients.) With modern building designs and materials, hospitals and medical care centers can resemble an ultra contemporary office building, rather than the more traditional structures we normally associate as a hospital. Glass panes and glass curtain walling not only dominate the exterior surfaces of theses buildings but the interior architecture as well.


To support these building advances, Albatross Projects as one of the world´s leading supplier of RF room, has developed multilayer RF- and acoustic glass panes. These will give a similar technical performance to that of a metal RF room and several functional elements are available, such as, doors, windows and walls are available.


The glass door is equipped with an electrical locking mechanism which is operated by means of pushbuttons, located on the inside and outside walls, near the door opening of the enclosure. An emergency opening function (a mandatory requirement) is provided on the inside wall; and should there be of a loss of power, the door lock will release automatically. The technology used during the manufacturing of the multilayer glass panes offers several features; this could be the integration of specific logos, or for patient privacy, the glass elements of the enclosure can transform from transparent to opaque at the push of a button. To comply with safety standards, the glass doors and other glass components are manufactured from shatterproof glass.

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