University clinical centre, section of diagnostic and interventional radiology, Ulm, Germany

Purpose of use

The MRI-System detailed is for the research institution in the ‘University clinical centre, Section of diagnostic and interventional radiology on the Michelsberg’ in the city of Ulm, Germany. This is a clinical centre for diagnostic and interventional radiology providing the most advanced imaging technique services to ambulatory patients and inpatients of the adjacent hospital. In addition to such classical examinations of the joints, spine, thorax, abdomen, heart and pelvis, more advanced explorations and therapy, including mammography and therapeutic intervention in the vascular system, are offered.

Technical data

  • MRI-System Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra 3T
  • RF room made of steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 7.600 x 4.300 x 3.300mm
  • Start up in May 2010
  • Location of the plant in Germany


This system has many patients including a great number of children and for this reason a large observation window has been installed. With the dimensions 2000mm wide x 1200mm high this provides an optimum view not only the medical staff but also anxious parents, to follow closely the examinations. The climate control specifications for RF room installed in clinical centers has become a very sophisticated part of the room design. For this project, the customer’s requirements were very strict and consequently special measures were taken to avoid dust particles swirling in the false ceiling void. This was achieved by designing a ‘guided’ ventilation system using stainless steel ducts; this choice of material minimizing deposition of dust within the ducts.

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