Ambulatory healthcare centre, Sindelfingen, Germany

Purpose of use

The following reference is for the ‘Radiological practice in the ambulatory healthcare centre’ (MVZ) in Sindelfingen, Germany. Since the 1st of July 2008, the clinical group in the region of Sindelfingen has a new partner. In co-operation with and support of the local medical practitioners, the hospital of Sindelfingen-Böblingen has founded a new ambulatory healthcare centre; here radiological as well as lab-medical services can be utilised by ambulant patients. Examinations with the MRI System are carried out in Sindelfingen for all parts of the body; typical areas of examination are orthopedics, neurology, oncology and urology.

Technical data

  • MRI-System Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T
  • RF room made of aluminum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 6.840 x 4.590 x 2.750mm
  • Start up of the new MRI-System October 2003
  • Location of the MVZ Sindelfingen is Germany



In 1992 the first installation of an MRI System was installed. Traditionally such early installations of the MRI-System were simply ‘attached’ to the external side of the RF room. With ever more powerful magnets, this method of construction has now been superseded and today the MRI Scanner is installed within the RF room. For the new scanner to be incorporated it was necessary to extent the RF room length by 3000mm. Although this RF room was more than ten years old, the flexibility of its modular design and construction concept enabled the size modification to be completed simple and quickly. A special challenge of this upgrade was to transfer the existing ‘round’ daylight rf window and incorporate it into the modified RF room. Albatross Projects succeeded in designing a suitable solution by retaining the window in the long axis, beside the patient's couch, to maintain the same ‘comforting lighting atmosphere’ for the patients.

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