Radiology group practice Dr. Herzog/Dr. Weyrauch, Immenstadt, Germany

Purpose of use

The arrangement described here is the application of an MRI-System in the ‘Radiological group practice of Dr. Herzog and  Dr. Weyrauch’ which is located in the medical centre of Immenstadt, Germany. The centers location offers medical checkups for ambulatory patients as well as for inpatients of the adjacent medical centre.


The MRI-system is used in the field of general radiology examinations with specific focus on

  • cardiologic examinations
  • full-body screening
  • MR-angiography in the cervical area and kidneys
  • orthopaedic exploration on all human body joints

This wide spectrum of applied examinations leads to a huge number of different patients.


Technical data

  • MRI-System Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T
  • RF room made of aluminum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 6.590 x 4.840 x 2.750mm
  • Start up of the new MRI-System October 2009
  • Location of the practice in Germany


In 1999, the first MRI System was installed using a Siemens MAGNETOM Symphony, this being replaced in 2009 with a Siemens MAGNETOM Avanto 1.5T MRI-System. For this new system several facility modifications where necessary; these included lengthening the RF room by 0.5 meters and installing an RF window which can be opened from the outside. In accordance with the newly adapted rules for helium cooled MRI-systems the RF window also become an emergency escape hatch; this feature allowed the existing inward opening RF door to be retained. An additional daylight RF window was also installed giving a direct and picturesque view of the Allgäuer foothills of the Alps. Additionally, the internal finishes were  completely refurbished creating a more calming and relaxing environment for the patients. All the modifications were carried our quickly and easily and with a minimum downtime of the MRI system.

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