Group practice radiology, neuroradiology and nuclear medicine, Ulm, Germany

Purpose of use

For this project the use of an MRI-System can be seen in the group practice of the ‘Community practice for radiology, neuroradiology and nuclear medicine in city of Ulm’. There are a number of different MRI-systems in use one of these, a 3 Tesla system, is described below.
The focus is onneurological diagnostic on the head, the spine and the face;oncologic exploration of the abdomen and the skeleton;vascular examination of the vessels in the head and cervical area, as well as the abdominal arteries.;dynamic MR angiography in the head and cervical area.

Technical data

  • MRI System Siemens MAGNETOM Verio 3T
  • RF room made of galvanized steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 7.300 x 4.000 x 3.000mm
  • Start up 2009
  • Location of the practice in Germany



The advantage of the Albatross Projects modular shielding room was demonstrated by its easy adaptation to the room shape imposed by the host building. As example of this flexibility was to match the RF room design to a wall which had a 20o angle; this was achieved with our modular system which optimised the space within the RF room. The installation of this MRI System was within the groups practice house and located on the 7th floor of the building. The MRI system itself had to be lowered into its location through the roof of the host building and then into the RF room; sections of the RF room walls and ceiling panels dismantled during this procedure. With the MRI system in situ, the installation of the modular RF room could then be easily and quickly completed. With high Tesla Magnets the magnetic shielding becomes a more and more critical consideration, hence, for this 3.0T MRI scanner, the RF room is made from galvanized steel which minimises the high field strengths generated by the magnet. During the design phase and the location of the scanner in the host building, our noise control engineering studies had shown that special consideration must be given to the ‘noise transference of structure borne sound’. To achieve this necessity, the double elastic support method was adopted with other special components, such as stainless steel plates and Sylomer plates, being used. These installation measures guaranteed that the practice personnel who worked on floor levels below the MRI system, retained a pleasant working environment.

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