Forensic Science Institute, Tallin, Estland

Purpose of use

This MRI-System is installed at the Estonian Forensic Science Institute (EFSI) – Tallinn, Estonia, Department of Medical Expertise. The facility is dedicated to the forensic sciences furnishing opinion for criminal cases and professional education for police force personnel. Beside the administration and supervision of the Estonian forensic data base, the research and educational activities are the major targets of the EFSI. 

Technical data

  • MRI-System Avanto 1.5T
  • RF room made of steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 6.590 x 5.590 x 2.750mm
  • additional magnetic shielding
  • Start up July 2010


As the vicinity of the MRI-System site is close to passing vehicles some additional LF magnetic shielding was obligatory. However, with the outstanding low frequency performance of our steel RF room, only a minimal amount of LF-shielding was necessary. The addition shielding was installed inside the RF room eliminating otherwise time consuming and costly external LF shielding; while ensuring the available site space was optimized. The use of an MRI-System in the forensic sciences is an example of how significant and diverse the field of imaging technology has become; the MRI field is today not only supplying research data and individual patients’ medical conditions, but also pathological analysis (post mortem) supporting the work of lawyers and judges.

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