University Ulm, Section of cognitive and functional Imaging, Ulm, Germany

Purpose of use

This MRI-System is installed at the University Hospital in Ulm, Section of Cognitive and Functional Imaging (Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy). The MRI system installed at the University Hospital in Ulm is able to reveal specific activities in the brain. The focus in this application is on key psychological processes and their pathological changes in the initiation and maintenance of psychiatric disorders. The real brain activity of probands is monitored under specific conditions and compared to the expected behavior. The results are the basis for experimental research and studies on neuropsychological effects in the human brain.

Technical data

  • MRI-System Siemens MAGNETOM Allegra 3T
  • RF room made of aluminum
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) = 6.590 x 4.340 x 2.875mm
  • Start up in January 2004
  • Location of the plant in Germany


The RF room hosting the MRI System had to be installed at the ground floor level with a foundation independent from the building; this was necessary to avoid the transmission of the structure borne sound, generated by the MRI-System during the scan, from the rest of the building and consequently to minimize unpleasant noise in the adjacent areas. To minimize the noise effect being imposed on those MRI systems operating staff, working in close proximity to the observation RF window, special noise insulation was additionally installed. In this research Institute, the medical examinations are often observed by a large number of people and for this purpose an extra wide observation RF window is installed. This has dimensions of 2000mm wide x 1200mm high giving an optimum view for the audience. Instead of the typical hospital design classic white, the walls are coloured in sycamore maple and the floor is in a blue color scheme; this gives the room a relaxing tone creating a comfortable environment to the patient.

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