If required, the walls and the ceiling of the shielded enclosures or can be provided with an interior lining; this offers not only an attractive working environment but also sound absorption and thermal insulation. For special applications requiring enhanced sound absorption, an underlay of insulating material (non-flammable as per DIN 4102, class of incendiary material A2) and/or anti-noise cardboard can be fixed to the shielded modules. The interior lining can be easily attached to the steel modules of shielded enclosures.

In the past noise was considered more of a general characteristic, but, as it has increased more specific management of the two key sound components, structure-borne sound and airborne noise, must be addressed. Initial on-site measurements, carried out by an Acoustic expert, can determine the measures necessary to comply with the relevant Standards. Several levels of sound protection up to typically 50dBa according to DIN 4109 can be provided.

A large choice of linings and sound proofing solutions are available. For further information or more detailed data, please use the Albatross Projects multipurpose contact form.

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