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The Alpha Com is an advanced communication system designed to meet the growing needs for internal and external communication in organizations. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of application areas. The internal exchange is digital, providing a superb sound quality. There is a comprehensive range of master stations, industrial- and substations. For added reliability a star network is used.


The system is supplied with a station number plan and a set of standard functions that are ready for use with auto load of default system. Easy programming from a PC allows you to customize the system to suit your own requirements. The Alpha Com system has a basic building block which contains modules for power, ventilation and circuit boards. This can be mounted into a standard 19” rack, or it can be delivered as a floor-standing cabinet. A fully equipped basic building block can handle up to 138 subscribers. There can be up to 4 such building blocks in one completely integrated exchange giving 552 subscribers. Several exchanges can further be linked using the Alpha Net feature. You can then have systems with several thousand lines. The Alpha Net gives a high level of feature integration.

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