Kindled by Michael Faraday's physics, the breathtaking development in Microelectronics has created the EMC Market. Electro Magnetic Compatibility is the ability of electrical and electronic equipment and systems to share the electromagnetic spectrum and perform their desired functions without unacceptable degradation from or to the specified electromagnetic environment.


EMC solutions offered by Albatross Projects are much more than the sum of the components, products, systems and their integration. Our solution philosophy starts with the initial customer inquiry and continues through the design, project management, installation, maintenance service and a lifelong commitment to our customers and their EMC facilities. Today, Albatross Projects directly controls the R&D and manufacturing of the two major components found in any EMC facility solution i.e. the shielding and the RF Absorbers. Additionally, we work closely with all our specialist suppliers of RF filters, turntables, antenna mast, etc, to assist with the development of their components to meet the stringent Albatross Projects defined specifications.



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