RF Shielding for C³ (Control, Command, Communication) Centre

For the German Ministry of Defence, Albatross Projects has recently built their major Joint Operations C³ (Control, Command, Communication) centre. This is the hub from which the Bundeswehr Operations Command plans and controls the deployment of the German armed forces operating outside of the country.For this project Albatross Projects GmbH designed, delivered, installed and tested the shielding and the inner lining; electrical and sound isolation from the building were provided as well as shielded windows and all kind of filters and feed-through components. RF-sluices with automatic actuation allow easy access for the personnel while retaining the RF integrity of the enclosure.To simplify the routine control and inspection of the facility, an easy to use leakage test system has been installed; this reduces the frequency of the shielding efficiency measurements and the cost of maintenance accordingly.

Technical Data

Dimensions (approx.):

  • 38m x 19m x 4.7m (L x W x H)
  • 19m x 14m x 2.7m (L x W x H)


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