RF shielding for C³ (Control, Command, Communication) Centre

For a country in North Europe Albatross Projects has built several shielded C³ (Control, Command, Communication) centres; the design and the installation of our modular shielding meet the national requirements for Tempest and EMP protection. A through and accurate site inspection of the existing host building determined that the host building floor needed leveling with no additional measures or adaptation of the building site being necessary. The shape and the geometrical accuracy of the modular panels was established followed by a smooth and quick installation; the modular self-supporting shielding being totally independent from the host building.


The integration of a substantial steel frame work into the modular shielding allowed a concrete intermediate floor to be built inside the faraday cage, which hosted cables and air-conditioning ducts. The floor design also avoided the division of the shielding into two different floors levels; leading to a simpler and therefore cost effective solution.


RF shielded windows, RFI filters and feed-through components as well as electrical and sound isolation from the building were provided; fully automatic RF sluices allow easy access with an integral ramp assisting entrance for handicapped personnel. To simplify the routine control and inspection of the facility, an easy to use leakage test system has been installed; this reduces the frequency of the shielding efficiency measurements and the cost of maintenance accordingly.


Technical Data
Dimensions (approx.):

  • 57m x 12m x 2.6m (L x W x H)
  • 57m x 16m x 8m (L x W x H)
  • 19m x 8m x 3m (L x W x H)
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