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Anechoic Chamber for TEMPEST equipment measurements

Tempest is the code name referring to unintended emissions that emanate from information technology equipment e.g. computers, monitors, etc enabling classified, confidential or even secret information to be reconstructed from the original emitted signal. Several IT-equipment have built in a so-called “Tempest-proof” version which is able to prevent such unintended emissions. The test and the certification of such equipments are carried out in anechoic chambers, the chamber having a shielded control room to host the test measurement equipment.


For the company ETG, a Test Laboratory recognised and approved by the German Authority for Security in the Communication (BSI), Albatross Projects has delivered two installation of such a Test Site for Tempest-proof equipment testing.


Technical Data

Dimensions: 3.70m x 3.70m x 2.55m (L x W x H), test chamber

1.55m x 1.30m x 2.55m (L x W x H), control room


Site Validation

  • Shielding effectiveness according to IEEE 299
  • Chamber configuration and performance qualified by the BSI


Military Test and Measurement Standards

  • MIL STD 462



Test sites for Tempest-proof equipment are electrically isolated from the parent building and are equipped with special RFI power line filters, isolating transformers, fiber optic converters for data signals and other feed-through elements. Access to the RF shielded areas are by means of 900mm x 2,050mm blade contact RF-doors with the test chamber being fully lined with ferrite absorbers.

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