• 1930: building of the first industrial shielded room – a Faraday cage for medical application by means of a wooden
    structure and copper foil;
  • 1931: shielding of the electrical system on the airship “Graf Zeppelin”;
  • 1938: development of RF-joints for shielding purposes;
  • 1951: development & manufacturing of EMC Power line Filters;
  • 1955: marketing & sales of “full metal” shielding RF enclosures; this is the worldwide first range of modular RF
    enclosures for the industry up to 35GHz;
  • 1963: the first European shielded anechoic chamber, working up to 3.5GHz is built in Regensburg with Siemens own
    absorber technology;
  • 1964: high-voltage test chamber up to 750kV, having dimensions of 46 x 31 x 27.5 (m); the main gate has a size
    of 17 x 12 (m);
  • 1981: for the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner of Siemens Medical, a range of full metal non-
    magnetic modular enclosures is developed and marketed;
  • 1990: development of the worldwide first “pan” shielding system up to 40GHz;
  • 1992: building Europe’s largest EMC Test Centre for Fiat in Italy; one anechoic chamber for components testing, one
    large anechoic chamber with chassis dynamometer and ten shielded rooms;
  • 1993: building the first 10m EMC Test Sites exceeding the new ±4dB NSA criterion; the test volume is 4 x 2 (m);
  • 2001: building the biggest automotive Test Centre in Asia for Hyundai Motors, Korea;
  • 2001: building the worldwide first neuro-surgical MRI room for BrainSUITE;
  • 2007: development & marketing of the worldwide first “full glass” MRI door;
  • 2008: world wide first 10m chamber at Siemens Erlangen with sVSWR test volume of 5.0m diameter at a 10m
    test distance;
  • 2008: re-design of the 10m chamber at the WTD 81, Greding with the world largest sVSWR test volume of 9.0m 
    diameter at a 10m test distance
  • 2011: 1st state-of-the-art European operating room project to incorporate an intraoperative MRI unit with a movable 1.5T magnet in Tübingen, Germany
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